Who We Are

Headway began in January of 2016. It was started by the main agencies that work with high-risk youth and their families in the Steinbach area. They realized we needed to work together.


We support struggling youth and their families, using multiple agencies to create support teams around struggling youth. It is a program dedicated to working together to benefit the youth who are the largest consumers of policing, CFS, Probation Services, and are often involved in significant school-based issues. The key to the Headway model is that we involve the youth and their family as part of the support team. There they can openly share and address what the real issues are.


Understanding the reason behind the behaviour is necessary to creating a successful plan that provides a custom network of supports for the youth and increases their chance of success, while decreasing the burden on social service and policing agencies.

The Goal

The goal of Headway is to ensure that youth are moving forward in becoming active, resilient and productive members of their communities, no longer engaged in activities that are harmful to their physical, mental, spiritual or emotional health and well-being or to their community.

(The Headway program was built on a model out of Selkirk. The program there is called S.T.A.R.T. -Selkirk Team for At-Risk Teens. The S.T.A.R.T. model was founded in 2002 by RCMP, CFS, Probation Services and Lord Selkirk School Division).

Hope Stories

Youth #1

She was 15 years old and was making some poor choices. She was known by the RCMP and spent a lot of time skipping school. Her parents were at their wits end and had no idea where to turn. They learned about Headway and reached out to us for help.

The first thing we did was to get a support team around this girl. We invited her parents, her principal, a member of the RCMP and an addictions counsellor. At our first meeting, as we each shared our perspective and information, the full picture became clear. Not only was there substance abuse issues, she was trafficking drugs and she was skipping school to do so. We discovered that she was no longer managing her ADHD with her meds, but with marijuana instead.

At the next meeting, together with her and her parents, we made a plan: increase school attendance, improve her behaviour at home, find something fun to do in the evenings, communicate with her parents and consider a mentor.

Over the next few months, she agreed to meet with an Addictions Foundation Therapist and see her doctor for a med review. Her parents agreed to go to a parenting seminar.

Within 9 months she was stable. She gave up trafficking and using, but is still seeing AFM for accountability. She is attending most of her classes and her grades have improved greatly. She is now managing her ADHD with proper medication.

Her relationship with her parents has improved greatly. Her dad said that it’s like having a “normal” teenager now. She is into playing sports and is meeting with a mentor. No RCMP involvement since she was first referred.

How did we do it? We gave her and her parents a room of cheerleaders and lots of resources.


“Headway makes you feel like you’ve been heard.”

“Headway is a breath of fresh air. Your don’t judge and I love that.”

“I would never miss a Headway meeting. I learn more there than I have learned about my client all year.”
-Social Worker

“I wish we could bring this program to our city. Think of the impact!”
-Visitor from Ontario

“Thanks for all you do with Headway, it is appreciated.”

“I appreciate your assistance and caring guidance.”

“Thank you again for your help with this family.”
-Social Worker

“Headway is a necessity in our schools!”

“Every city needs this program!”
-Visitor from British Columbia


We care about you! Many times we talk to parents who are at their wits end and have no idea where to turn. It is our goal to support your youth, but also to support you. Parenting can be so difficult, especially when you feel alone and helpless. We are here to help. We will give you the support and resources that you need to be the best parent possible.

What do we do?

– Bring Agencies together with youth and family to make appropriate plans
– Follow up on commitments by agencies, youth, and family
– Provide day to day support and agency referral
– Advocate on behalf of the youth and family for appropriate services

Please call us with any questions or concerns, or to refer your youth to the program.


Recommended Books:

I Still Love You – Michael Ungar
Where to find it.

Anxious Kids Anxious Parents – Reid Wilson & Lynn Lyons
Where to find it.

Hold on to Your Kids – Gordon Neufeld
Where to find it.

Recommended Links:

Talk to Someone:


We Want to Help You!

So glad that you are reading this! There are people who care about you and what happens to you. We care about you and what happens to you too. If you would like help finding resources and would like support, let us know. You can refer yourself to Headway.
Call or text 204.905.1628

Who Will be Part of my Team?

There will be 3-6 people at each meeting; one person from each agency that you are connected to, as well as your parent/guardian., the Headway coordinator and you. Most of them will be people that you already know.

How Long is This Going to Take?

We will meet as a team every month until you no longer need the support of Headway. This will mean that things have stabilized and that is awesome!


– Fill out referral forms
– Return forms to Headway
– Headway coordinator asks the Screening Committee
– If accepted, support team is made
– Monthly meetings until you are stable

Partnering Agencies/Sponsors

Funding Partners:

  • Manitoba Department of Justice
  • Manitoba Department of Families
  • City of Steinbach
  • RM of Hanover
  • Calvary Church
  • Rocco’s Pizza
  • Kara & Tim Fehr

Agency Partners:

  • Probation Services
  • Rural & Northern CFS
  • Addictions Foundation
  • Southern Health
  • Hanover School Division


If you’d like to donate to Headway you can contact Brenda at brenda.l.brown@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. or cheques can be made out to Headway and mailed to Headway c/o Steinbach RCMP-GRC 100 Pth 12 North Steinbach, MB R5G 1T4.


Who Governs this program?

Who qualifies for Headway?

How are they referred?

Who decides if a youth is accepted into Headway?

How long can a youth be a client?


Contact Us

Brenda Brown
Program Coordinator

Office: 204.320.8202
Cell: 204.905.1628
Fax: 204.326.3926

Email: brenda.l.brown@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

100 PTH 12
Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1T4

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