Hope Stories

Youth #1

She was 15 years old and was making some poor choices. She was known by the RCMP and spent a lot of time skipping school. Her parents were at their wits end and had no idea where to turn. They learned about Headway and reached out to us for help.

The first thing we did was to get a support team around this girl. We invited her parents, her principal, a member of the RCMP and an addictions counsellor. At our first meeting, as we each shared our perspective and information, the full picture became clear. Not only was there substance abuse issues, she was trafficking drugs and she was skipping school to do so. We discovered that she was no longer managing her ADHD with her meds, but with marijuana instead.

At the next meeting, together with her and her parents, we made a plan: increase school attendance, improve her behaviour at home, find something fun to do in the evenings, communicate with her parents and consider a mentor.

Over the next few months, she agreed to meet with an Addictions Foundation Therapist and see her doctor for a med review. Her parents agreed to go to a parenting seminar.

Within 9 months, she was stable. She gave up trafficking and using, but is still seeing AFM for accountability. She is attending most of her classes and her grades have improved greatly. She is now managing her ADHD with proper medication. Her relationship with her parents has improved greatly. Her dad said that it’s like having a “normal” teenager now. She is into playing sports and is meeting with a mentor. No RCMP involvement since she was first referred.

How did we do it? We gave her and her parents a room of cheerleaders and lots of resources.



“Headway makes you feel like you’ve been heard.” – Parent


“Headway is a breath of fresh air. You don’t judge and I love that.” – Parent


“I would never miss a Headway meeting. I learn more there than I have learned about my client all year.” – Social Worker


“I wish we could bring this program to our city. Think of the impact!” – Visitor from Ontario


“Thanks for all you do with Headway, it is appreciated.” – Parent


“I appreciate your assistance and caring guidance.” – Parent


“Thank you again for your help with this family.” – Social Worker


“Every city needs this program!” – Visitor from British Columbia


“Headway is a necessity in our schools!” – Principal