Who We Are

Headway began in January of 2016. It was started by the main agencies that work with high-risk youth and their families in the Steinbach area. They realized we needed to work together.


We support struggling youth and their families, using multiple agencies to create support teams around struggling youth. It is a program dedicated to working together to benefit the youth who are the largest consumers of policing, CFS, Probation Services, and are often involved in significant school-based issues. The key to the Headway model is that we involve the youth and their family as part of the support team. There they can openly share and address what the real issues are.


Understanding the reason behind the behaviour is necessary to creating a successful plan that provides a custom network of supports for the youth and increases their chance of success, while decreasing the burden on social service and policing agencies.


The goal of Headway is to ensure that youth are moving forward in becoming active, resilient and productive members of their communities, no longer engaged in activities that are harmful to their physical, mental, spiritual or emotional health and well-being or to their community.

(The Headway program was built on a model out of Selkirk. The program there is called S.T.A.R.T. -Selkirk Team for At-Risk Teens. The S.T.A.R.T. model was founded in 2002 by RCMP, CFS, Probation Services and Lord Selkirk School Division).