We want to help you!

So glad that you are reading this! There are people who care about you and what happens to you. We care about you and what happens to you too. If you would like help finding resources and would like support, let us know. You can refer yourself to Headway. Call or text 204.381.6163

We will get a team around you to walk beside you and do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Headway is all about you and we do not make decisions for you, and Headway is completely confidential.

Who will be a part of my team?

There will be 3 – 6 people at each meeting; one person from each agency that you are connected to, as well as your parent/guardian, the Headway coordinator and you. Most of the them will be people that you already know.

How long is this going to take?

We will meet as a team every month until you no longer need the support of Headway. This will mean that things have stabilized and that is awesome!


  • Fill out referral forms (here)
  • Return forms to Headway
  • Headway coordinator asks the Screening Committee
  • If accepted, support team is made
  • Monthly meetings until you are stable